Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Rennex recognises that we will only build a sustainable future by listening carefully and responding to the needs of our stakeholder groups; customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, staff, councils and the community.


Caring for our customers means that we honour our responsibility to deliver an excellent standard of quality throughout all activities undertaken in the development and delivery of construction projects.
Our goal is to provide our clients with a consistent service that will satisfy their needs to the best of our ability.

Rennex engages in open and frequent communication with our customers throughout every stage of a project to ensure transparency and mutual trust.


Suppliers provide direct materials, including tools and machines, for our construction processes.
We strive to reduce our supplier-related environmental footprint while maintaining a technologically advanced, cost-effective and reliable supply chain.

From worker safety to environmental impact, we look to do business with suppliers who operate with the same high standards we expect of ourselves.


Rennex looks after our sub-contractors by enforcing strict OH&S rules and regulations to minimise the risk of any injuries or incidents occurring on site.

We encourage our sub-contractors to voice any concerns or suggest improvements to our system.


Rennex believes in equal opportunity for all and supports diversity in every facet of our business.
We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that all of our staff members feel valued and included, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, ability or sexual orientation.

Councils/Regulatory Bodies

We comply with all relevant legislation and industry regulations at all times.

This includes communicating with WorkSafe Victoria and the Environmental Protection Authority to confirm that we are operating within the scope of regulations.


Rennex recognises the importance of giving back to the community and makes it a priority to be involved in the areas where we live and work.

We sponsor local charity, Western Chances, which provides financial support and educational resources to help young, disadvantaged people in Melbourne’s west reach their full potential.

We also make it a priority to employ local sub-contractors and suppliers where possible.