Integrated Management System


The Rennex Integrated Management System (IMS) provides a structured approach to delivering projects of the highest quality to our clients. All of our projects are conducted in a way that honours our policy statements, compliance obligations and company standards.

The IMS effectively manages the health and safety of our employees, the protection of the environment and the quality of our products. Measurable objectives and targets are set, monitored and controlled throughout each project. This enables us to track the performance of our projects and identify areas of improvement at every stage.

Effective and frequent communication with our clients is a major priority for Rennex. We keep our clients informed and updated to confirm that we are meeting their needs and expectations throughout the duration of each project.

Rennex upholds an uncompromising commitment to reducing workplace hazards and risks in every instance. We are dedicated to providing safe and sustainable working environments where risks are systematically identified and controlled.

We continually improve our system by monitoring its effectiveness and making regular changes. This ensures that we are at the forefront of new technologies, changes to the market and sustainable resources within the construction industry.



This system allows us to mitigate risks to health, safety and the environment, while delivering an excellent service to our clients.

Rennex is currently in the process of being assessed for ISO certifications for Occupational Health and Safety (AS4801), Quality (ISO9001) and Environment (ISO14001).